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    This Fall, contouring the face achieves perfection :) Beige and natural colors are used in order to subtly contour the face, accent the eyes, and highlight certain areas in a very original way. We enhance our cheekbones by adding even more highlighter. A flat face has never been trendy; however, this year, we are paying extra attention so that our face may be simply perfect. In order to achieve this effect, reach for natural or beige colors. Allow yourself to use a greater amount of highlighting powder than usual (i.e. CASHMERE).

    Photo: harpersbazaar.com

  2. F/W 2014 - LASHES ON TOP!!!

    F/W 2014 - LASHES ON TOP!!!

    During the 2014 Fall season, we can observe a change in makeup trends. Throughout the last few seasons, the emphasis was placed on the lips. This Fall, eyes and lashes are to catch our gaze. Lashes of varied lengths, strongly concentrated in tufts, the lower and upper lid done in a 60’s style, is the trendiest suggestion for this season. Invisible makeup. It’s enough to even out the skin by using one of our many mineral foundations and gently highlight the face and upper eyelids using one of our highlighting powders: CASHMERE, BE MINE, FLOURISH.

    Photo: harpersbazaar.com

  3. F/W 2014 - NO-MAKEUP

    F/W 2014 - NO-MAKEUP

    A very modest and minimal makeup look appeared on all the runways this season, from Paris to New York. Beautiful and healthy skin with light shading or delicate blush giving the appearance of a natural flush. Using mineral foundations, shape and contour the face. It’s enough to choose your ideal shade and add a few extra products: a foundation one shade darker, which will slim the face as well as a lighter shade which will highlight it. Choose a blush of a lighter and natural tone e.g. POWDER PINK, FEATHER, or FLIRT.

    Photo: harpersbazaar.com

  4. S/S 2014 - GOLDEN SHINE

    S/S 2014 - GOLDEN SHINE

    A beautiful, golden tan is the hit of the season. Dolce & Gabbana leaves it up to boldly highlighted cheeks, in a peachy tone, on the background of golden and bronzed skinned. If you would like to achieve this same effect, use any one of our bronzers: PAPEETE SWEETIE- fair complexion, LANIKAI PARADISE- fair and medium complexions, or MAUI MISS- dark complexion. For every skiny type, PEACH POP blush will be the proper shade. Apply bronzer all over the face, accenting certain areas and using blush, boldly highlight the cheekbones.

    Photo: Dolce & Gabbana

  5. S/S 2014 - FRESH MAKEUP

    S/S 2014 - FRESH MAKEUP

    Summer hasn’t ended yet! Create your own „Fresh Makeup”! In order to achieve imamaculately smooth and uniform skin, we suggest REGULATING FOUNDATION SPF15. On the cheekbones as well as on the outside of your forehead, we suggest LANIKAI PARADISE bronzer. In order to give skin a fresh shine, it’s worth using the highlighting powder BE MINE on the cheekbones as well as on the center of the forehead, on the outside corners of the eyes and above the lips („cupid’s bow”. Mineral foundations and powders can without a doubt be used as eyeshadows, so in this case we suggest applying MAUI MISS bronzer on the eyelids and voila!!!

    Photo: harpersbazaar.com

  6. F/W 2013 - BOLD LIPS

    F/W 2013 - BOLD LIPS

    If your eye makeup takes you too long and you hate to waste time on a prolonged makeup session, go for a bold accent on the lips. This is the suggestion of many designers- Oscar de la Renta, Fendi, Badgley Mischka, Emporio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Roccobaroco, and Bottega Veneta. The basis of this makeup is perfectly evened out skin using any one of Clare Blanc’s foundations. It is enough to highlight the eyes using mascara and your lips using your favorite shade- the bolder the better. If you are a fan of natural cosmetics, you can make your own lipstick using any one of our blushes. The ideal shades would be Lolipop, Rasp Bomb, Charming, Fuschia, or Japanese Cherry. It’s enough to mix your shade with your favorite lipgloss or Shea butter and enjoy the long lasting effect.

    Photo: harpersbazaar.com



    One suggestion for the upcoming Fall days is a wonderful and rich makeup look in the shades of copper and orange. It’s enough to add a small bit of the appropriate color (eyeshadow, blush) to your eyelids. Eyeshadow placed on the lower lid adds strength and magic, like from a mystery novel. Gucci, Tom Ford, Prabal Gurung, and Versace presented their makeup looks on the runway. The solution is as simple as it is luxurious. We must remember that the basis of any kind of makeup look is impregnable and velvet-like skin. In oder to create this sort of makeup, it’s enough to reach for your favorite Clare Blanc foundation. For your eyes and cheeks use one of our blushes: GOLDEN TOUCH, PEACH POP, or the bronzer: PAPEETE SWEECIE

    Photo: harpersbazaar.com